easi joists

Easi Joists - open Web Metal Floor Joists

Ease of Service Installation

The open web design of this product eradicates the need to cut holes into the supporting joists to install cabling, pipes and other services which is often timely, costly and can affect the stability of the structure.

Speed of Joist Installation

Due to the systems large load bearing surface, not only can the joists be installed quickly, but flooring can be more accurately fitted in a shorter time frame. 

Lightweight but Strong

The open metal web provides rigidity and strength whilst remaining lightweight due to the materials used to make the joists. In effect, working with these joists is much easier than alternative means and transportation costs are kept to a minimum.

Longer Joist Length

The longer length is possible due to the strong metal web used within the stress graded timber and therefore reduces the amount of joists required, consequently decreasing the installation period and cutting the cost of materials and labour.

Durability overtime with outstanding performance

This system is much less likely to be effected by shrinkage due to its combination of stress graded timber and strong metal web centre giving it a greater life span in comparison to its counterparts. Furthermore the system’s rigidity improves the floors overall performance by reducing sounds and vibrations. 

Speedy Turnaround Times

We offer quick turnaround times for all easi-joists, with delivery available across England, Wales and Scotland. Our team can effectively work to your timescales.



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