Open Panel

The Open panel system is an industry standard frame. Open-panel framing is quick and flexible compared with on-site construction. Using this system for your project will ensure the main structure is constructed efficiently, leaving you able to complete both internally and externally simultaneously. External finishes can be applied instantly once the frame and roof are erected. Internal finishes including plumbing, electrical and dry lining can also commence once your frame is water tight.

Open Panel External Wall

o  140 x 38 mm or 89 x 38 mm CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) C16 treated timber studwork

o  200 x 47mm C24 treated timber lintel on structural openings

o  Insulation fitted between studs (added as an option)

o  9mm OSB 3 Sheathing on external face

o  Protect TF200 Thermo foil faced breathable membrane

Open Panel Internal Walls

o  89 x 38mm CLS C16 treated timber studwork usually at 600mm centres

o  9mm OSB 3 Sheathing fitted where required for load-bearing panels

o  Half height noggins fixed in load-bearing panels.

o  Insulation is not included

Open Panel Timber Frame
Open Panel Timber Frame