Smart Panel

Our Smart Panel system includes factory fitted electrical and plumbing layouts as per your M&E design. The more work that is carried out in the factory, the less time is spent on site. Many facets of a build are reliant on the complex synchronization of trades, that takes a great deal of time and effort toorganise. By eliminating the need for additional contractors our panel saves considerable time delays on site. 

Smart Panel External Walls

o  140 x 38 mm CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) C16 treated timber studwork

o  200 x 47mm C24 treated timber lintel on structural openings

o  100mm Solid PIR Insulation fitted between studs

o  9mm OSB 3 Sheathing on external face

o  Protect TF200 Thermo foil faced breathable membrane

Smart Panel Internal Walls

o  89 x 38mm CLS C16 treated timber studwork usually at 600mm centres

o  9mm OSB 3 Sheathing fitted where required for load-bearing panels

o  Half height noggins fixed in load-bearing panels

o  Insulation is not included

Basic Power Outlets/ Lighting

o  Conduits and back boxes built in to external and internal timber frame panels

o  20 or 25 mm rigid plastic conduits

o  Metal 36mm double and single back boxes 

Basic Water/ Heating

o  Drops and tails built in to external and internal timber frame panels – 

o  10 or 15 mm plastic pipework for drops with 10 or 15 mm preformed cold bends for tails

Smart Panel Timber Frame
Smart Panel Timber Frame